The Wright residence is where the Wright family lives. It is next to Mr. Eustis' house. It is two floors high, and it also has an attic, a front and back yard, and a basement.


  • Family Room
  • Kitchen
  • Nate's room
  • Ellen's room
  • Marty's room
  • Study with computer
  • Guest room (maybe)
  • A bathroom
  • Attic
  • Basement


  • The fire alarm in the kitchen frequently goes off due to Mr. Wrights cooking skills, as he usually burns the food.
  • Once, the roof above the family room was destroyed when Mr. Wright accidentally catapulted a snowman's head too high, and it smashed through the roof
  • It is usually egged and once was spray-painted during Halloween, as Mr. Wright usually hands out awful "treats"
  • Ellen's room was once painted, resulting her to stay in Nate's room for a few days. During those days, Ellen put posters all around Nate's walls, organized the messy room, built a troll village and even sprayed perfume all around the room (which resulted Francis thinking that Nate put on perfume during baseball practice)

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