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Wiki Newsletter - December, 2013

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Wiki Newsletter - December, 2013

Dec. 2013

Thie is our wiki's third newsletter!

Staff Messages


It's that time of year again - Snowy and Cold.  It is hard to believe I am already typing the December Newsletter! November has been a great month for our wiki with new users and major updates!


No Message


Hey Everybody, my name is Chad!Im the new coder for the big nate wikia. A coder is the co-owner. As the co-owner I make sure the wiki is up to date on codes and I work to customize the wiki. I am so excited to join the team! If you have any questions or suggestions please contact me. Merry Christmas!


Hi Big Nate Wiki! My name is Jose and I am happy to be part of the Big Nate Wiki Staff Team! I hope that this wiki gets bigger and better! Have a great month and a very merry Christmas! Stay tuned for updates! (I hope all of our USA members had a great Thanksgiving!)

Staff Changes

We have had Humble49 join the team as a rollback and chat moderator.  We are hiring new staff members, check out the applications board on the forums!


Winner for this month is...


Your name is on the newsletter as your prize! Congratulations! (Note - I will add you on the first day of December)

V 3.0.2 of Big Nate Wiki

We have been doing minor revisions!


By Westonallen0990 and Humble49!

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