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  • I live in Canada
  • I was born on May 25
  • My occupation is Big Nate Wiki Executive Chairperson
  • I am Male
  • WestonLulz

    Voting -

    Hello and welcome to the official thread of the 2014 Big Nate Wiki CEO elections.  Information on voting and how to run for CEO are posted below.  Before choosing to run, please be aware of what the duties of the CEO are.

    • Manage the staff and wiki.
    • Develop and execute the mission statement, direction, and vision of the wiki
    • Manage affiliates
    • Appoint and hire staff members
    • Represent the wiki
    • Attend and plan meetings
    • Provice deicisions on small-large wiki changes
    • Handle punishments
    • Run projects, and operations
    • Handle customer support
    • Other duties deemed necessary by the Executive Chairperson

    The requirements for running are as follows:

    • 13 years of age or older per wikia rules
    • Able to be online daily
    • Be a person who is able to c…
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  • WestonLulz


    ~V3 (Major Revision Version 3) will be completed VERY soon! Please check out the official V3 updates page for more details!

    ~Once we are fully upgraded there will be a great reward for the user(s) who have been the most active!

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  • WestonLulz

    New Affiliate?

    December 3, 2013 by WestonLulz

    That's Right!

    We are happy to announce that we are now affiliated with KidzWorld Wiki.  The KidzWorld wiki staff team consists of Big Nate Wiki Staff.  (Chad012 - Manager/Humble49-Admin&Bureaucrat/WestonLulz-Admin&Bureaucrat)! Check it out

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  • WestonLulz

    Major Construction!

    November 11, 2013 by WestonLulz

    Hi there users of Big Nate Wiki!

    I am happy to announce that we are UPGRADING THE WIKI! Expect a vBulletin Forum Community, A .com domain, More active users, new theme and pages, removing all un-needed pages and more! Expect it all to be done by Febuary!


    23:08, November 11, 2013 (UTC)

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  • WestonLulz

    Important Info.

    October 10, 2013 by WestonLulz

    Big Nate Wiki needs new users, because all of our staff except for me aren't making edits, and therefore are considered In-Active.  Our Affiliation with other wikis isn't helping.  No one else has joined, our forums.  I would not like to see this wiki closing down, but if no one edits, It will be closed.  

    Thank You,


    Big Nate Wiki General Manager

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