• I live in On George Bush's face
  • My occupation is Saying 9/11 was NOT a inside job because i know for A FACT THAT IT was not a inside job.
  • I am Not a crook
  • PatrickCunningham

    Hello my name is Mr. Cunningham. A wiki called Back Oregan Wiki needs your help. We have 1 article & we need more editors. The wiki is not a hacking wiki but it is making public information public knowledge. You do not have to join but ififm you do want them there are two links below. There is also a link below to the website that the wikia talks about thank you buy oatmeal cookies and brownies.

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  • PatrickCunningham

    Hello PatrickCunningham here. The Anonymous Wiki needs help it has less then 24 articles please help it this is not an Ad this is a message to the Big Nate wiki please we could use your help.

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  • PatrickCunningham

    Hello This is PatrickCunningham with another blog post a user at the Wikia communtiy central named User:Graphitetailgrace whote a blog post talking about a person with this IP adress

    If he joins this wiki he will ruin it. He has made a bunch of Spam categories at other wikis. (see what he did to Scary Logos Wiki it is DESTORYED now) please block him if he comes here. if he has already been here and he has been blocked here Great! if not Watch out for him.

    @June 8 2015 witten at 5:25PM

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  • PatrickCunningham

    Hello my name is PatrickCunningham which is not my real name but I like it. the last name is a reference to the Happy Days Character Richie Cunningham & the last name is a reference to the actor Patrick Duffy who stared in Dallas & Step by Step.

    So here is a list of things I shall do.

    • I shall create new articles if I am able to.
    • I shall stop vandalism & revert it I am able to.
    • I shall improve articles that contain mistakes.
    • I make sure there is always good grammer because it is very important to this wiki and other wikis
    • I shall help other users in every possible way I am able to.
    • and finally I shall be nice to other users

    Please leave any messages on my talk page if you need help and if I cannot help I will show you another way to get help. than…

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