You may have wondered what goes in to determining the insurance cost for a given car. The cost of the car is a given, but there are other factors that are considered as well. For instance, the more powerful the engine, the more likely drivers are to drive a little on the wild side, thus driving up the cost to insure it. Some cars are more likely to be stolen than others which also adds to the cost of insuring it. What follows is a list of the ten least expensive cars to insure. Some of them might surprise you.

For the purposes of this list, the insured is a 40 year old male with a clean driving record, a 12 mile daily commute, a 100,000 dollar injury liability for one person, 300,000 dollar injury liability for all injuries, 50,000 dollars for property damage, and a 500 dollar deductible for collision and comprehensive coverage.

10. Ford Escape S. Not exactly a first choice for off-roading, which is why it’s cheaper to insure. The average insurance rate for 12 months is $1,190.

9. Smart ForTwo Pure Coupe. Expensive for its size and mercilessly ridiculed by many auto enthusiasts, it does have some redeeming qualities. It gets good great gas mileage, can parallel park in the tightest spaces, and costs only $1,186 to insure.

8. Ford Edge SE. This one’s only $1,176 to insure for one year and no one really knows why. Perhaps safer drivers are attracted to this particular model.

7. Subaru Outback 2.5i. An ideal car for the adventurer type. Does well in all terrains and climates. It’s a safe, reliable car which is why it’s tied with the Ford Edge SE at just $1,176 to insure.

6. Jeep Compass Sport. As jeeps go, this one is probably the least oriented for off-road. But at $1,164 to insure, it might be worth the tradeoff.

5. Honda Odyssey LX. Minivans have a reputation for being driven safely, perhaps because they’re usually full of kids. This minivan costs just $1,163 to insure for 12 months.

4. Dodge Grand Caravan SE. The van that made minivans cool back in the 80s. It beats out the Odyssey by one dollar at $1,162 for a year’s worth of insurance.

3. Honda CR-V LX. Its reliability and high resale value makes it a very reasonable choice. Plus it costs just $1,160 to insure.

2. Jeep Patriot Sport. Like the previous Jeep on this list, it’s not ideal for off-road like most other jeeps. But at $1,136 for one year of insurance, it’s a good compromise.

1. Jeep Wrangler Sport. At $1,134 to insure, it’s the cheapest car to insure currently on the market. If you want a Jeep that isn’t as stripped down as this model, other Jeep Wranglers are still considered cheap to insure.

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