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    Wiki ban draft

    March 21, 2018 by NL2022

    This is a draft, but you still get two chances before being blocked.

    1 time:day ban

    2 times:4 day ban and warning from admin

    3 times:week ban and warning from admin

    4-5 times: month ban

    6+ times: permanently banned

    1-2 times: more warnings and 1 day ban

    3-4 times: 3 day ban

    5-7 times: week ban

    8-12 times: month ban

    13+ times:year ban

    1-2 times: 2 day ban and warning from admin

    3-4 times:4 day ban

    5 times: week ban

    6-7 times: 2 week ban

    8+ times:6 week ban

    1 time: 1 day ban

    2 times: 3 day ban

    3 times: week ban

    4-5 times: month ban

    6 times:3 month ban

    7+ times:8 month ban

    1st time: 3 month ban

    2nd time:1 year ban

    1st time: Warning from other admins

    2nd time: other admins discuss if actions will jeopardize admin status to rollback

    3rd time:all your rights are gone

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