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Mall Cop
HNI 0086




Mall Cop




Anyone who break mall rules.




Nate, anyone who breaks mall rules.

This individual is a mall cop in New York. It is unknown what his name is.


When Nate is attempting to sell his comics, he confronts him while Nate is talking on the microphone. He says that Nate cannot just emerge uninvited and sell things, but Nate says he is selling it for the Timber Scouts. He then says that Nate should wear a uniform if he is what he says he is and lectures him about the mall rules Nate broke. Nate then calls his father to get him.

Physical Description

This individual appears to be overweight and is starting to go bald. He wears a collared shirt and blue jeans and a badge over his left breast shows his affiliation.

Personality and Traits

This cop takes his job very seriously. He dislikes anyone who breaks the rules applying to those in the mall.

Behind the Scenes

He is a minor character, and has only appeared in Template:OAR.


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