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Pedro Ortiz is a minor character who makes an appearance in Big Nate: Flips Out. He is the uncle of Teddy Ortiz and is a hypnotist.

Physical Appearance

He is a very tall, slim man who wears a hat, a flowered shirt, and striped pants. He also has a thin and outlined beard. Sometimes, he wears a toupee.


Pedro Ortiz grew up with his parents, along with his brother, Mr. Ortiz.

Uncle Pedro turned out to be Nate, Teddy, and Dee Dee's only hope to getting Nate to be neater so he can find the stolen camera and reunite his and Francis' friendship. He hypnotized him with a card trick. Soon after, he embarked on a trip to Mexico.


Pedro has a large variety of talents, such as small engine repairing, woodcarving, music lessons, and card tricks. His most notable talent is hypnosis, which apparently can wear off after a very dramatic event.

Behind the Scenes

It is unconfirmed if he is the brother or brother-in-law of Mr. Ortiz, and his name may be his middle name.