The Mud Bowl is an annual event played by a team of seven 6th graders from P.S. 38 against seven sixth graders from Jefferson Middle School. The Mud Bowl is Ultimate Frisbee, but is named the Mud Bowl because the rain turns the playing field into mud and slop. It has been a tradition to play in harsh rainstorms ever since the 1st Mud Bowl.


1st Annual Mud Bowl

The Mud Bowl was invented by Martin Wright, Nate's dad. One day, Martin, along with his friends, challenged sixth grade Jefferson students to a game of Ultimate Frisbee to win their frisbee back. It rained hard during the game and Martin Wright was the hero of the game when he made a diving catch during overtime. Because of Marty's winning move, P.S. 38 won the Ultimate game 13-12. The fans soon called the game the Mud Bowl. Jefferson demanded a rematch and the Mud Bowl has become an annual event since then. Unfortunately , after the 1st game, P.S. 38 lost for the next 36 years until the 38th game.

37th Annual Mud Bowl

During Nate and Randy's peer counseling, it is revealed by one of Nate's friends that the P.S. 38 students playing last year's game lost to Jefferson 6-25.

38th Annual Mud Bowl

The team consisted of Nate, Francis, Teddy, Chad, Dee Dee, Ruby Dinsmore, and later Randy was added to the team, which took some time for his fellow players to get used to. Once the game started, they were losing right away. After a quick team meeting, they managed to get the score to a tie. In the last ten seconds, Randy heaved the Frisbee across the entire field and Nate ran as fast as he could to catch it as the time ran out, defeating Nolan in the process, thus winning the game 20-19.