Teddy Ortiz's father is a minor character in the Big Nate series. He was born in Puerto Rico. At some point, he got married to Mrs. Ortiz, and had four children, the youngest being Teddy Ortiz.

He is the leader of Scout Troop Three. During the Warm Fuzzies contest, he took charge of the competition, and likely came up with the prizes. He is also a math teacher. According to Teddy Ortiz, he is a "history buff". He has all kinds of books about wars and has model battlefields in his basement. On one occasion, he once made Teddy rake the yard.

Sometimes, Nate is annoyed by his jokes. For instance, he once made a lame joke about tardiness, claiming that "half a scout was better than one", in the literal sense as he drew a picture on his easel.

His brother is Pedro Ortiz.