Rusty Sienna is an American artist who Nate is a big fan of. He has his own art TV show called, "Oil Painting with Rusty", which was Nate's favorite show. In each show, Rusty paints a masterpiece while giving advice and tips. Nate has liked him since the origins of Big Nate. According to sources, he died on 1996, yet Nate did not find out about it until the Summer of 2007, and he was devastated.

Nate once got his autograph, but Rusty spelled his name "Nick". He was also mentioned after one of his shows, because Nate broke his wrist and he was Rusty's biggest fan.


Rusty Sienna was born in Sandusky, Ohio as "Joe Smith". He changed his name to "Rory Umber" and soon, "Rusty Sienna". After that, his career took off. He became an artist and had his own T.V. show called "Oil Painting with Rusty". He also sells books and other products.

He died in 1996.

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