You can only report a user for the following reasons:

  • Vandalising/Blanking Pages
  • Attempting to sell anything
  • Trying to hack into someone's account
  • Trying to hack into Big Nate Wiki CP
  • Adding inappropiate videos/pictures
  • Using swear words
  • Harassment/Cyber-bullying

NOTE: If you are reporting a user for a different reason please put 'Reason for Help Ticket as "Other".

If you are ready to report, please fill out the copy the details from below and place it below the Active Tickets line.

The format you must use for your report

Your own username:

Reason for Help Ticket:

Who are you reporting:

Other Comments:

The page for reporting will be here, as this page is protected to prevent vandalism.

Notes to support team:  

-You can only ticket on the page for reporting. 

-After you have completed a ticket, copy and paste it below Completed Tickets. 

Note to reporter: 

-Type your ticket above all other reports, if you do not do it above all, it will be ignored.