Gina and Nate

The two hate each other a lot, especially in early May 2014. It was when Nate swore. They have very rare respect for each other, and when they do get along, it could be what most people say love-hate, but that happens in accidents.

Jenny and Nate

We all know Nate Wright has an ongoing crush on Jenny Jenkins. But on her side, she dislikes him, but it is unknown if she really hates him. Jenny was once nice when she tried to befriend Nate ( it failed because Nate said close friends). In the books she is nicer because she does not physically hurt him as in the strips, and she was only mean in Big nate strikes again and "Big nate in the zone." Typically Nate is stupid sometimes.

Artur and Nate

On Nate's side, he is only slightly mean to him. It is unknown if Nate definitely hates him, as Artur is very nice.

Gina and Artur

They never interact, but Nate tried to get them together once. They both share many similarities.

Nate and Ruby

Nate and Ruby were at first just friends, but as time passed on, they started dating.

Nate and Francis

Nate and Francis have been best friends since Kindergarten. They continue to have a healthy relationship

Artur and Jenny

After years of Nate trying to get Jenny, Artur came to the school. Jenny soon fell in love with Artur. At first, Artur just wanted to be friends with Jenny, but as time passed on, they started to date.