Prank Day is an unofficial day at P.S. 38. It's usually on the last or second to last day of school. On Prank Day, students play pranks to other students and the teachers of P.S. 38, although teachers do not approve.

In the Big Nate comics, Nate is the kind of person who pulls off the biggest pranks, although one year his things were confiscated by his father.

. The teachers do lots of things to try to stop it, from punishing prankers to invading lockers to posting a "cop" outside the school, but nothing works and the students keep pulling pranks.

List of Pranks Done:

Frog being let loose in Mr. Galvin's room by Teddy

Whoopee cushion put on Mrs. LaChance's chair by Francis

Entire Parking lot filled with wheat by Nate

Water Balloon into Girl's Locker Room by Unknown Name

Ketchup bottle tops unloosened in the cafeteria by Nate

Flying Squirrel let loose by Nate

Moose in hallways by Nate

Principal Nichols's desk stolen by Nate

Sheep in Nichols's office by unknown, probably Nate

Mrs. Godfrey's head in the body of a sumo wrestler sent all over the district disguised as an urgent memo from the superintendent by Nate

Nichols's car stolen by Nate

Raccoons let loose in the faculty lounge by Nate

Birds attacking Mr. Galvin by Nate

Mrs. Godfrey sitting on Lime Jello by Nate