Peter is not happy with the fact that Nate Wright is his book buddy.

Peter Mason Is mainly known as Nate's book buddy in school. He is incredibly smart, and reads at a college-level, although he is only a first grader in Mrs. Bigbee's class. When he pronounces the letter "s" as "sh" and he spits all over the person he is talking to. Not much is known about him except that he attends school in Nate Wright's first grade classroom. He is also allergic to cocoa butter.

He is always reading and usually refuses to play outside because he gets his exercise from reading.


Nate had the idea of a summer camp in 2006. Peter's mom signed him up for it, but only because his mother missed the deadline for Robotic's camp. This started to make Peter mad at Nate. They did a Nature walk, which had no nature except Spitsy. Then, the scavenger hunt was to force Peter into buying Nate free food. He finally got Peter occupied with a New York Times Crossword Puzzle, but then he solved it instantly. They had a "Campfire", which was just an imaginary one and it was at ten thirty in the morning. They did water sports, but it only was Marco Polo in an inflatable pool. It's also revealed that they played Duck Duck goose, but with only two people. Peter was the first and only member at Nate's fiasco summer camp ever. This ultimately lead to Peter being angry at being Nate's book buddy. Nate was later hired by Peter's mother to bring him to trick or treating and to the beach. At the beach, Peter ran out of sunscreen. Nate gave him his, but it contained cocoa butter. Nate once hired Peter to help him study for his social study exams. Nate ended up getting a 99%; he got every question right, yet he forgot to write his name.


All that is known is that a girl named Amanda in his class is in love with him. Peter seems uncomfortable with her affection, freaking out when she spots him and trying not to make eye contact with her in class. Nate is usually pretty friendly to him, not really noticing that Peter would rather he not be around.

Behind the Scenes

Peter is a minor character in the series. His speech impediment is similar to Nick Blonsky's as seen in Big Nate Flips Out.


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