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Peter is not happy with the fact that Nate Wright is his book buddy

Peter Mason (b. 12 May, 2009) Is mainly known as Nate's book buddy in school. He is incredibly smart, and reads at a college-level, although he is only a first grader in Mrs. Bigbee's class. He was very angry when Nate was assigned as his book buddy, which may have been caused by "Camp Nate", a horrible summer camp run by Nate that Peter was the only member of. When he pronounces the letter "s" he spits all over the person he is talking to. Not much is known about him except that he attends school in Nate Wright's former classroom.


All is known is that he has a crush on Amanda and is practically an enemy of Nate.

One more thing...

He is a minor character in the series. Peter's speech impediment is similar to Nick Blonsky's as seen in Big Nate: Flips Out.


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