Paige asking Teddy to a dance

Paige is the former girlfriend of Teddy Ortiz. She first appeared on April 18, 2011. She walked by Teddy, calling him "Teddy Bear". Teddy was then humilated by Nate and Francis by the name until Teddy decided to talk with Paige. Now instead of calling him "Teddy Bear", she now calls him "Cuddle Cub".

She then appears briefly asking Teddy to the Sadie Hawkins Dance in 2012 and when she and Teddy go on a double date with Francis Pope and Sheila Stapleton.

Her most recent appearance was in October of 2016, where Teddy wants to break up with her. He tries to seek advice from both Nate and Dee Dee, but when Paige arrives, Teddy panicked and didn't say anything. Paige then proceeded to give Teddy a sweater for picture day that she had knit. This causes Teddy to freak out during his picture by having failure to take off the sweater. After the diaster, Teddy bumps into Paige, who asks what happened to the sweater. He then lies and says that it wasn't comfortable. Paige tells him that if there is something wrong, he should go and talk to her. This then causes Teddy to tell Paige that they should break up, but Paige takes it in a calm manner. This leads Teddy confused and feels that the relationship was pointless, though Nate and Dee Dee proceed to tell him that he has good qualities and can try again in the future. It is unknown if Paige will ever appear again.


Paige has shoulder lenght hair, usually colored dirty blonde. Her clothing usually changes throughout her appearances, though she is usually depicted wearing a blue or purple blouse with blue jeans.

Behind the Scenes

Paige may have a passion for knitting, as she made Teddy a sweater for school picture day. She also might be dramatic, as Teddy claims that she cries during "Taco Bell" commercials.

Paige babysits her brothers after school.

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