The P.S 38 Bobcats represents P.S 38 in sports. Their main rivals are the Jefferson Cavaliers. They play home games at the P.S 38 soccer field and gym. Their home jerseys are either white or blue, and their alternate jersey is red.

Boy's Basketball

They boy's basketball team have been known to be a horrible team. They lose pretty frequently. However, they have Nate Wright, who is a big trash talker that usually burns opponents, and center Chester, who is 6'6" and can dunk. Nate was a benchwarmer in the early comics.


  • Nate Wright (Point Guard)
  • Teddy Ortiz (SG)
  • Francis Pope (SF)
  • Chester Burdrick (C)
  • Chad Applewhite

Boy's soccer

The boy's soccer team has been known to be satisfactory. They do sometimes lose and they sometimes win. However, they once won a game at Jefferson in a penalty shootout, when Nate blocked Jefferson star striker Zack Belfour's shot. Jefferson has been undefeated for four years before that.


  • Nate Wright (Goalkeeper)
  • Francis Pope
  • Teddy Ortiz
  • Chad Applewhite

Boy's Lacrosse

The lacrosse team has been mentioned a few times in the comics.