P.S 38 is the school that Nate and all of his friends attend. The P.S stands for public school. This is Nate’s least favorite place on the Earth except maybe for the exception of Jefferson Middle School. It mentioned in a Big Nate book it was revealed that P.S 38 is 100 years old. Most of the action in the Big Nate comics and novels takes place at P.S 38. P.S 38 is around 2-3 floors high.


P. S. 38 open on February 7, 1912. Ellen Wright has attended this school and has been deemed one of their favorite students.


Facilities include

  • Lockers
  • Classrooms
  • Bathrooms and locker rooms
  • A cafetorium
  • A gym
  • A soccer field, probably with a track
  • A library
  • A teacher's lounge with vending machines
  • A student's lounge (converted from the photocopy room)
  • Parking lot and faculty parking lot (where Principal Nichol's car disappeared)
  • A storage room
  • A computer lab



P.S. 38 Administration


  • P.S. 38 is rivals with Jefferson Middle School, another middle school in Nate's neighborhood.
  • P.S. 38 could be based off of a school in New York. It is very likely because Nate lives in Poughkeepsie which is a city in New York.
  • The mascot of P.S. 38 is a Bobcat.
  • It is 100 years old
  • P. S. 38 has been around since 1912 as seen in several comic strips.</li>


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