Student, Wrestler


Teasing P.S. 38 students, sledding, victory




Members of the Jefferson Wrestling Team, Dustin Moore (one sided one Nolan's side)


Nate, Francis, Teddy, Chad, Dee Dee, Dustin Moore (one sided on Dustin's side)



Nolan (b. September 16, 2000) is a bully from Jefferson Middle School. According to Teddy, he lives near him.


Nolan is especially mean to Nate, Dee Dee, Chad, Teddy, and Francis throughout the book (Ex. Ambushing them with snowballs, stealing and popping Teddy's Supa-Sno Tube, etc.). Unlike Nate, his weakness is that he is not creative causing him and the rest of Jefferson to lose the Ultimate Snowdown. He also stole Chad's pillow cushion, which was made for his comfort as he broke his tailbone.

Physical Appearance

Nolan has light blonde hair. In both of the books he appears in, he wears a light colored shirt with a capital "J" on it ("J" represents "Jefferson"). He also wears dark jeans and white shoes. According to Nate Wright, Nolan is very strong.

Personality and Traits

Nolan is highly sadistic, vindictive, and competitive. He enjoys defiling students of P.S. 38, Jefferson's rival school, and his only known pet peeve is losing.

Behind the Scenes

Despite appearing rarely, Nolan has a tendency to play a major role when she does show up.

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