Nate Wright is the main character of Big Nate

Vital stats and health and fears

  • Nate is 4'6" and weights 87 pounds.
  • He broke his right wrist twice, once while playing football in 1992, and another time when he dived off of a table at Jefferson.
  • He was once sick, and Ellen made him watch and take notes of her favorite TV show, so she could know what happened after she got home. Nate did that, but in the end, he wrote that the main character had been killed (which he hadn't), which made Ellen scream.
  • He has Ailurophobia, which means he is afraid of cats.
  • In the novels he is either 12 or 13.


  • Nate is the goalkeeper for the P.S 38 Bobcats soccer team, as well as one of the point guards for the basketball team
  • His locker is locker number 666
  • His locker is full of random, valuable things
  • He once got 10 detentions
  • Nate is a reporter for the school newspaper, and was formerly the food critic
  • In 2009, Nate was elected as class president. His presidency was very successful, as he started a bake sale to raise money for a soup kitchen.
  • Academically, Nate is a horrible student. The only subject he is good at is Art
  • His SPOFFs fleeceball team won the finals.

Sports other that school

  • Nate plays right field (formerly left field) for baseball
  • He plays for Cream Puffs.
  • His baseball team used to change sponsors and names every season. Nate is usually the most annoyed kid in the team whenever they get a new team.
  • Nate went to soccer camp. It is where he met Kelly and Coach John
  • Nate supports Boston teams like the Patriots, the Bruins and the Red Sox.