Nate Wright's comics are a fictional universe created by Nate. He loves reading all varieties of comics and even likes making them himself.

Doctor Cesspool

His most prominent comic is Doctor Cesspool. It follows the adventures of a crazy and un-experienced doctor as he botches surgeries and hurts his patients. It is often mentioned as repusive and disgusting and as 'no laughing matter'. Nate has tried to get it published in the paper numerous times only to result in failure. Doctor Cesspool first was announced in 1991, and it was said that in the doctor's spare time he was a crazed killer.

Moe Mentum

A comic strip about a not so famous actor who often is forced to do life threatening stunts. His boss, JB, has no respect for his well being.

The Snuggles Family

After Doctor Cesspool was discarded by the newspaper for being disturbing, Nate decided to make a sappy sweet comic about a family of red blooded Americans who are always happy with candy and sunshine floating around their heads. Despite this attempt, it was discarded by the newspapers for being too sugary sweet.


Nate often draws comics about a colony of pioneers celebrating the first Thanksgiving. The pioneers often get drunk with a disgraceful party with the mayor getting angry with the fiasco. There are also a few of these comics involving turkeys getting invited (only to be eaten).

Biff Biffwell and Chip Chipson

Biff Biffwell (black hair) and Chip Chipson (blonde hair) are two reporters. They often report about leaves on trees, Halloween pumpkins, p.s. 38, the Easter bunny, the month of march and lots of other random things (including Mrs Godfrey).

Mean comics about Mrs. Godfrey

Nate is constantly drawing mean comics about his most hated teacher, Clara Lessard-Godfrey e.g. in Template:BO, Nate started his new comic, Mrs Godzilla, though origins trace back to the creation of Mega Chad.

Nate's Real Life Comics

These are depictions of real events in Nate's life.

Mrs. Gosley

A comic Nate made for the school newspaper. It's about the hilarious adventures of a sadistic sixth-grade teacher. It was obviously based on Mrs. Godfrey but Nate denied that because Mrs. Gosley taught math. Gina didn't let it get printed.

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