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Nate Wright
Nate draws a Nate




Marty Wright (father), Ellen Wright (older sister)

Hair Color


Eye Color



Student, Comic Creator, Fleeceball Captain, Scout, P.S. 38 Cartooning Club Member and Founder


September 21, 2001


Jenny (one sided on his side), Angie (former), Kelly (former)


Francis, Teddy, Artur(one sided on Artur's side), Chad, Dee Dee


Mrs. Godfrey, Gina, Artur(one sided on Nate's side), Nolan and other Jefferson students, Randy Betancourt and his posse, Chester, Coach John



Nathaniel "Nate" Wright (born September 21, 2001) is the protagonist of the Big Nate book series and comic strips, as well as Poptropica's Big Nate Island. He is a sixth grader at P.S. 38, and he is also a comic genius, chess whiz, an amzing sportsman and a talented musician, among other things. Nate insists that he is destined for greatness and that Jenny, a girl in his school who he has a crush on, will fall in love with him one day. He is best known for causing mayhem, awkward moments, and every prank day at his school, he pulls off the most insane pranks. His locker is a dump, but other kids mistake valuable items for junk. His best friend is Francis, and his A1 best friend is Teddy. His least favorite teacher (person) in the world is Mrs. Godfrey. He is often a caddy for his dad, who is the worst golf player ever.

Likes and Dislikes


Cheez Doodles: Nate's favorite snack is cheez doodles.

Jenny: Nate's love interest.

Sports: Nate enjoys playing sports at school. He plays soccer, hockey, dodgeball, volleyball, and fleeceball (baseball parody).

Summer Vacation: Nate enjoys being out of school.

Femme Fatality: He enjoys reading the book because Femme is attractive.

Comics: Nate loves to draw comics.

Art: Art is Nate's favorite school subject. Mr Rosa is the teacher.


Cats: Nate thinks dogs are better than cats. He also has stated that he is afraid of them.

Egg Salad: Nate thinks egg salad is just disgusting.

Figure skating: Nate thinks figure skating is boring and is annoyed with Ellen watching it on the TV.

School pictures: Nate is never ready for the picture when it is his turn.

Gina: Nate is annoyed with Gina bragging about her perfect grades and her spotless academic record.

Social Studies: Nate thinks he is just memorizing useless facts for no reason.

Math: Nate thinks math is boring and useless.

Ellen: Nate thinks Ellen is obnoxious. He also thinks it is annoying when his teachers compare him to Ellen.

Mrs. Godfrey: Nate thinks Mrs. Godfrey is a terrible teacher.

Randy Betancourt: Nate is often bullied by Randy and his gang.

Artur: Nate is annoyed with how Artur is better than him at almost everything.

Nolan: Nate hates him for bragging how he and other Jefferson students beat him at almost everything.


Nate is very rebellious, vain, conceited, arrogant, sarcastic, quick-tempered, greedy, and very self absorbant as seen in the comics and Chapter Books he is in. However, he is funny, noble, hardworking quick to see his faults (some of them anyway) and he always sticks up for himself and his friends when they are being bullied. And although his grade point average is very low, he is shown to be quite smart at various times.


  • He doesn't have a middle name.
  • He got seven detentions all in one day, shown in Big Nate in a Class By Himself.
  • He has compared himself to Superman, and other immortal beings.
  • His locker is shown to contain many valuable items, such as a faberge egg, signed copy of the Declaration of Independence and a painting by Picasso.
  • He has Ailurophobia, meaning he's afraid of cats


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