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Nate Wright
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Marty Wright (father), Ellen Wright (older sister), Ted Wright (uncle), Vern Wright (grandfather), Marge Wright (grandmother) Sara Wright (mother)

Hair Color


Eye Color



Student, Comic Creator, Fleeceball Captain, Scout, P.S. 38 Cartooning Club Member and Founder, Peer Counselor


September 21, 2000


Jenny (one sided on his side), Angie (7/14/1997 - 2/12/1998), Kelly (7/31/2001-4/11/2002) Abby Wilson (brief) Trudy (former)


Francis, Teddy, Artur, Chad, Dee Dee, Jenny, Randy


Mrs. Godfrey, Gina, Nolan and other Jefferson students, Randy Betancourt and his posse, Chester, Coach John, Carter Sexton, Bradley


(11 in books) (12 in the anime)

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Nate Wright is the main protagonist of the Big Nate book series and comic strips, as well as Poptropica's Big Nate Island. He is a sixth grader at P.S. 38, and he is also a comic genius, chess whiz, an amazing sportsman and a talented musician, among other things. Nate insists that he is destined for greatness and that Jenny, a girl in his school who he has a crush on, will fall in love with him one day. He is best known for causing mayhem, awkward moments, and every prank day at his school, he pulls off the most insane pranks of all. His locker is a dump, but other kids mistake valuable items inside for junk. His best friend is Francis, and his 1A best friend is Teddy. His least favorite teacher (and person) in the world is Mrs. Godfrey. He is often a caddy for his dad, who is the worst golf player ever.


Physical Appearance

Nate is short, slender, and strong. His most notable trait is his hair.


As seen in the comics and novels in the series, Nate is very rebellious, vain, conceited, and arrogant. He also has greedy and angry tendencies that are usually a disadvantage, and he is very self absorbant. However, he is also funny (though many characters would say otherwise), noble, hardworking (depending on what he is doing) and he always sticks up for himself and his friends when they are being bullied. Despite the fact that his grade point average is very low, he is shown to be quite smart at various times, and is certified "street-smart". He also has an incredible imagination, as he has created many creative comic books (such as "Doctor Cesspool" or "Moe Mentum") and helped his friends out of several situations, including when he helped them discover the weakness of Jefferson Middle School and helped Chad hook up with Maya. His sarcastic/dramatic nature also tends to land him in the principal's office often. He has been given detention hundreds of times (according to "Big Nate: Out Loud" and he is unofficially the detention "tour guide", although he wears the title with pride. Nate is highly sarcastic, which is only built up when he is under pressure. However, he is able to keep most of these thoughts to himself or write them down.

Nate has confessed his love for fellow student Jenny Jenkins, much to her chagrin, and he makes any attempt to flirt/talk with her, despite the fact she has a boyfriend (Artur Pashkov).

Likes and Dislikes


Cheez Doodles: Nate's favorite snack.

Jenny: Nate's love interest.

Sports: Nate enjoys playing sports at school. He plays soccer, hockey, dodgeball, beach volleyball, baseball, basketball and fleeceball (baseball parody).

Summer Vacation: Nate enjoys being out of school.

Femme Fatality: He enjoys reading the book, mostly because he finds Femme to be attractive.

Comics: Nate loves to draw comics, and has made up several characters of his own design.

Art: Art is Nate's favorite school subject for obvious reasons. Mr. Rosa is the teacher.

Sara, Sara is Nate's mother.


Cats: Nate hates cats and thinks dogs are superior to the latters. He also been known to be afraid of cats on some occasions, as he suffers from ailurophobia.

Egg Salad: Egg salad is self-explanatory for Nate; it is his least favorite food of all time.

Figure skating: Nate thinks figure skating is boring and is annoyed with Ellen watching it on the TV.

School pictures: Nate is never ready for the picture when it is his turn.

Gina: Nate is annoyed with Gina bragging about her perfect grades and her spotless academic record.

Social Studies: Nate thinks he is just memorizing useless facts for no reason.

Math: Nate thinks math is boring.

Ellen: Nate thinks Ellen is obnoxious. He also thinks it is annoying when his teachers compare him to Ellen.

Mrs. Godfrey: Nate's least favorite teacher.

Nolan: Nate hates him for bragging how he and other Jefferson students beat him at almost everything.

Artur: Although he doesn't outright hate him, Nate seems to be annoyed by him being "perfect at everything".


Early Life

Little is known about Nate's life before P.S. 38. He met Breckenridge Puffington III, or Bobby, in preschool. Bobby seemed to like nothing more than bullying Nate. In kindergarten, he met Francis Pope. In second grade, Nate and his family went to see a performance of "Peter Pan", during which time a teenager named Donna babysat him and Ellen Wright before Ellen took this job. At some point in junior high, he met Teddy Ortiz. At an unknown point, he became a Timber Scout under Teddy's father.

Junior High

Nate Wright is in sixth grade for most of the series. At this point, P.S. 38 is becoming very old and falling apart. This is also when he meets Teddy Ortiz after they unintentionally set a squid on Mary Ellen Popowski, and Dee Dee Holloway after he "accidentally" invites her to the school dance. He is also reunited with Breckenridge, who at this point has had a change of heart and has forgotten about his bullying of Nate.

He is first seen trying to escape a standardized test before finding out the test never existed. He then makes an attempt to surpass everyone, due to a fortune in a fortune cookie, and ends up receiving seven detentions, including one during lunch where he spits out a wad of green beans, and breaks the record of getting the most detentions in twenty-four hours. Later on, he receives an assignment on Benjamin Franklin, where he is forced to mingle with Gina Hemphill-Toms, his archenemy. He is also forced to mingle with her when she joins their sports team and names them the "Kuddle Kittens." Later on, he loses his skateboard in a creek, and as a result he is delighted to learn of a door-to-door sale betwixt his scout troop, and is determined to win against Artur Pashkov. Through a sophisticated plan to make more money for himself, he succeeds in winning the board. He also competes against Jefferson Middle School when the students end up there when P.S. 38 is damaged (but not beyond repair; it fixes in two weeks). He also makes an enemy in a boy named Nick Blonsky when he steals a camera to start a rigged fight between him and Francis.

The Fitness Zone

Later still, his school is introduced to a new "Fitness Zone," which he is very upset about. At this point, his luck seems to decrease rapidly, leading to a series of incidents he was not responsible for causing. This included Teddy (accidentally) soaking his book report, sitting in gum and getting laughed at, and being embarrassed while reading a different report to the class. However, this changes for him when he learns Chad Applewhite has found a good luck charm, though he does not believe in it at first. After he fails to remember the lyrics to a song he and his band were expected to perform, Chad offers to let him borrow the foot, and Nate reluctantly agrees. The tables turn when he scores an impossible basketball goal from halfway across the court, receives 20 dollars when he locates a piece of jewelry, and wins a year's supply of Cheez Doodles (his favorite snack) by being the millionth customer to shop at an unnamed store. He also warms up to the Fitness Zone, to an extent. Finally, he gives the lucky foot back to Chad when he is having trouble with a girl named Maya whom the latter has developed a crush on. However, it is then stolen by Mrs. Godfrey, leading to trouble at the following Field Day event. However, Nate orchestrates a plan with Artur to help his team win the event. They also re-perform their song afterwards, and Chad is featured in the performance this time.

The Family Prime

As the year continued, Nate was also reunited with Breckenridge, who has since had a change of heart and had forgotten about his bullying of Nate from seven years ago. He and his friends sought to uncover the truth about Edna Brickdale, and ultimately achieved this in a scavenger hunt. At home, Marty Wright has some important news for Nate and Ellen - the family nearly moved away. Randy Betancourt also defected and Nate becomes more civil toward him.


Main article: Nate Wright/Relationships


Nate has an older sister named Ellen, who he considers to be quite annoying. It is unknown who his mother is, as he lives with only his father, Marty Wright. He has generally dissed Ellen as annoying and his father as clueless, though he still loves them.


Nate is currently in the 6th grade. He has Mrs. Godfrey in Homeroom and Social Studies, Ms. Clarke in English, Mr. Rosa in Art, Coach John or Coach Calhoun in Gym, Mr. Staples in Math, Mr. Galvin in Science, and Ms. Brindle in Home Economics. Mr. Rosa and Ms. Brindle are, arguably, his two favorite teachers.

Francis Pope and Teddy Ortiz

Nate has two best friends, Francis Pope, and Teddy Ortiz. He met Francis in kindergarten. The three of them get into several fixes, but they always tend to make up. One incident where Francis thought Nate lost a camera he had lended to him led to a temporary, intense hatred for each other that nearly tore apart their friendship altogether. In contrast to Teddy, the only thing he seems to hate about Francis in general is his aptitude for being neat and a goody two-shoes.


Jenny is a female student in Nate's grade. Nate has developed a crush on her, though Jenny does not return his affections (she is truly in love with Artur). He spends a lot of time attempting to impress her, with no success.

Dee Dee Holloway

Although Nate is constantly annoyed by Dee Dee's tendency to act like a drama queen, they are still close friends.

Spitsy and Mr. Eustis

Nate is friends with his neighbor, Mr. Eustis, and usually walks his dog, whose name is Spitsy. He has also dissed Spitsy to be somewhat weird; most notable to him is the latter's attraction to cats. His walks with Spitsy almost always lead to disaster.

Gina Hemphill-Toms

From the start, Gina Hemphill-Toms was Nate's archenemy. For separate reasons, both were extremely annoyed with the other. They were seen screaming in terror when they were forced to work on a team project. Nate was even more annoyed after Gina joined his sports team, and tried to avenge her for naming them the "Kuddle Kittens." He also competed with her during the Trivia Slam.

Mrs. Godfrey

Nate's least favorite schoolteacher is Mrs. Godfrey, who he regards as his nemesis. She has given him many detentions over time. This relationship, however, was not to outrival his hate for Gina. He has drawn several offensive comics about her.

Randy Betancourt

Randy is a bully and one of Nate's worst enemies. Nate also believes he has no friends; his posse only follows him out of fear. After discovering the truth, however, Nate is more civil towards him.

Marcus Goode

Nate used to be in Marcus' posse, but ultimately defected. Marcus has humiliated him several times. He is also disturbed when Nate becomes the trendsetter of P.S. 38, replacing Marcus briefly thanks to the Lucky Foot.

Chester Budrick

Chester is the school bully and Nate seems to be intimidated by him. He is relieved, however, when Chester begins going out with Kim Cressly.

Kim Cressly

Kim Cressly has a crush on Nate. However, Nate does not feel the same way about her, and finds her somewhat intimidating.


Nate seems to have a love-hate relationship with a popular student named Artur. He doesn't seem to hate him altogether, but many jealous tendencies emerge, especially when they are competing for a skateboard by selling posters, or wall hangings. He is surprised when he wins and Artur congratulates him.



Trudy used to be Nate's girlfriend.

Ruby Dinsmore

Ruby Dinsmore is one of Nate's three girlfriends.


Kelly was Nate Wright's ex-girlfriend. Nate met Kelly at a soccer camp during the summertime. The reason why Nate dumped Kelly is because Nate has had a crush on a girl, Jenny Jenkins, for three (or five) years, and even though she despises Nate, Nate wanted to ask her out [again]. Nate broke up with Kelly by writing on the back of a detention slip, thus making Kelly furious. Kelly has not been seen since Nate broke up with her.


Angie was one of Nate's girlfriends whom he met in summer school. They dated from 14 July 1997 to 12 February 1998. Angie eventually dumped him for Dan LaBreque according to Nate. Angie also ran against Nate for class president.


Nate loves reading all varities of comics and even likes making them himself. There is one comic he hates, Bethany, which is about the love life of a sensitive teenage girl, altouh Nate ends up getting addicted to it, even going to the extents of calling the newspaper to bring it back after it was taken out.

Nates comics:

Doctor Cesspool

His most frequently mentioned comic is Doctor Cesspool. It follows the adventures of a crazy and un-experienced doctor as he botches surgeries and hurts his patients. It is often mentioned as repusive and disgusting and as 'no laughing matter'. Nate has tried to get it published in the paper numerous times only to result in failure. Doctor Cesspool first was announced in 1991, and it was said that in the doctor's spare time he was a crazed killer.

The Snuggles Family

After Doctor Cesspool was discarded by the newspaper for being disturbing, Nate decided to makr a sappy sweet comic about a family of red blooded Americans who are always happy with candy and sunshine floating around their heads. Despite this attemp, it was discarded by the newspapers for being too sugary sweet.


Nate often draws comics about a coloney of pioneers celebrating the first Thanksgiving. The pioneers often get drunk with a disgraceful party with the mayor getting angry with the fiasco. There are also a few of these comics involving turkeys getting invited (only to be eaten).

Biff and Chip

Biff (black hair) and Chip (blonde hair) are 2 reporters. They often report about leaves on trees, halloween pumpkins, p.s. 38, the Easter bunny, the month of march and lots of other random things (including Mrs Godfrey).

Mean comics about Mrs Godfrey

Nate is constantly drawing mean comics about his most hated teacher, Mrs Godfrey e.g. in Big Nate Blasts Off, Nate started his new comic, Mrs Godzilla.

Moe Momentum

A comic strip about a not so famous actor who often is forced to do life threatening stunts. His boss, JB, has no respect for his well being.


  • He is 4'6" and 87 pounds.
  • He got seven detentions all in one day, shown in Big Nate in a Class By Himself but at one point, got 10 detentions in one day on an earlier comic strips when Nate was making fun of Mrs. Godfrey's fingers, making it one detention for each finger.
  • He has compared himself to Superman and some other superheroes.
  • His locker is shown to contain many valuable items, such as a faberge egg (?) , a signed copy of the Declaration of Independence, an original Picasso painting, extremely old records, 100 dollar bills (yes, it says 100 dollar bills) , an autographed photo of Abraham Lincoln, a swimsuit photo of Greta Van Susteren, a Dog, and various other valuables. He once even opened a business where he would give a person anything from it for a dollar, though he closed it when a kid gave him a dollar and asked for a 10 dollar bill, with the kid getting a 9 dollar profit. He could have asked for a 100 dollar bill, though.
  • He has Ailurophobia, meaning he is afraid of cats. However, this is not on all occassions with Nate.
  • He has beaten Jefferson twice, as shown in Big Nate Goes for Broke, on the Ultimate Snowdown chapter, or Chapter 11 and another in big Nate blasts off.
  • In "Big Nate: Add More Babes", he mentioned something that happened concerning the divorce of Martin Wright (Dad) and his mother in a poem, and all that was "If Mom had custody".
  • Nate is also a Scorpio.
  • Nate has broken his wrist twice, he broke it while playing football in October 1992, and he broke his wrist falling off a lunch table in Jefferson School in Big Nate Goes For Broke.
  • It was said that his favourite colour is red.
  • Nate is reffered to on the book titles as 'Big Nate' despite the fact that he is short.
  • In every comic he stays the same age, even though they celebrate the new year.
  • Nate, with Francis and Teddy, plays monopoly every new year.
  • Nate is a great drummer, although he is a terrible trombone player.
  • Despite him shown to be always desperate for a girlfriend, he has had about 3 girlfriends already, and broke up with 2 himself.
    He will be voiced by Michael Winters
  • He likes his mother sara


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Nate's broken wrist - 1992

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