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Sara Wright is known to her children preferred as "Mom" is a rarely mentioned, off-screen character in the "Big Nate" comic strip. She married Nate's dad, Marty Wright, at an unknown time. and they gave birth to two children, Nate and Ellen Wright. However, she divorced him at an unknown period. She was first mentioned on May 11, 1997.

In Big Nate Makes the Grade and Big Nate and Friends, Nate mentions that Sara divorced from his father when he was really little, left the family, and that she lived over 2,000 miles away from him, so he rarely saw her and could only send a card every once in a while and a phone call. The reason why she divorced from Nate's father is unknown.



  • She is possibly 40 years old.
  • She is Nate's mom.
  • She divorced with Marty.
  • She will be seen in the anime
  • It is implied that they divorced because they were arguing over what's best for Nate, buying things they should have, and what to hand out to kids on every Halloween. Since Nate's mom couldn't take it anymore, she moved out of the house.

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