Marty Wright




Marty Wright

Full Name

Martin Earl Wright


Vern Wright (Father)
Marge Wright (Mother)
Ted Wright (Brother)


Unnamed father-in-law
Unnamed mother-in-law
unnamed Grandfather
Unnamed Grandmother

"It's just that Dad's kind of clueless. He has no idea what it's like to be me."
―Nate Wright describing his father

Martin Earl "Marty" Wright (b. 1945)[1], known to his children as "Dad", is the absent-minded, albeit well-meaning, overweight father of Nate and Ellen.

He is known to be a non-skilled golfer, and uses Nate as his caddy, often requesting him to fish out his played golf-balls, and occasionally his club as well, from the course's ponds and frequently embarrassing him. He is renowned throughout Nate's town for giving out disgusting (according to the trick-or-treaters) Halloween "treats" such as rice cakes and prunes (apart from one year where he forgot to purchase any candy at all) and cooking terrible food (every year's Thanksgiving dinner always sets off the alarm). Whenever his children, Ellen and Nate, request him to purchase a pet (a cat for Ellen or a dog for Nate) he always refuses. One time, his dad found a cat under their porch and took her in until someone claimed the cat. He once chaperoned on Nate's Timber Scouts camping trip, but ended up wrecking the experience for everyone after being sprayed by a skunk. He is the assistant Coach for Nate's baseball team, which for some reason always has some humiliating names from humiliating sponsors. 


Early life

"Daddy! You had hair!"
―Ellen Wright

Marty Wright was born to Vern and Marge Wright. Little is known about his childhood, though in sixth grade, Marty Wright's homeroom teacher was Ms. Brodie, and he had Nate's science teacher, Mr. Galvin. He attended P.S. 38 as an adolescent, and he was the first hero of the "Mud Bowl." He also had a girlfriend named Mindy Glickstein, who he dated at least three times. He attended Hoover High School.



At an unknown time and occasion, Marty married an unidentified woman, only for them to divorce soon after. However, this did not happen before the two gave birth to Ellen and Nate. Marty tried to be a good parent to his children, although Nate seems to hate him to some degree. On Halloween, he made a habit of handing out undesirable treats such as prunes and tofu, leading to his house becoming "egged" for his actions. His house also has a target painted on it.


Golf is Marty's favorite sport, even though he is remarkably awful at it. He always forces Nate to caddy him. He also gets very frustrated, even once biting his three-wood. He also sometimes gets lost, even once ending up in a man's backyard in a separate town. He has a bad aim, hitting golf balls into places like water hazards, forests, and parking lots. He is also known to hit the ball towards the wrong hole, at an elderly woman, at fellow golfers, or a foot behind the tee. At one point, he hit the head of a groom at a wedding. He hit another ball into a couple's backyard. The couple had no idea that there was a nearby golf course.

Once, Marty went golfing with Donald Eustis. While on the green, he missed a putt, where the ball was just an inch away from the hole. It resulted with Marty bending his putter.

Another time, Marty hit the ball to another fairway. Two other golfers asked him which tee he was at, and he replied the "13th". The other guys told him it was a nine-hole course, and Nate told them he was not very accurate.

Personality and traits

Ever since his divorce, Marty has become desperate for love. He also seems to have an aptitude for doughnuts. He can also never stick to a diet.


  • He thought Nate and Gina are in a relationship with each other after catching them holding hands in Big Nate Strikes Again, much to the pair's horror and dismay.
  • Nate often parodies him in his comics, where he is a superhero, along with his sidekick (Ellen)
  • He is a terrible golf player
  • Once, Marty helped Nate built his Pinewood Derby car. He accidentally drilled through the roof of the car, and casually asked "how about a sun roof?". Later on, he cut his finger, and got blood all over the car. Nate thought the car looked very cool like that, and brought it to his next scout meeting and called it "Blood Sport".
  • He once handed out Rice Cakes for Halloween.
  • He was in P.S. 38 and was the hero of the first "Mud Bowl".
  • He cannot afford Nate a dog or is way to reluctant to get one.
  • He usually uses Top Flite 4 golf balls. This is probably since he loses balls all the time, and Top Flite 4 balls are OK and cheap
  • He once used Titleist golf balls, which is weird, since they are expensive and Marty loses balls frequently.
  • He is heavier than Nate and Ellen. In one of the strips, Nate's dad struggled to even get lower than 185 pounds. He did manage to do it.
  • Two running gags appear in almost every year. One is Halloween, when Marty usually buys lame snacks as Halloween candy, leading his house to be egged. Nate says his dad is increasing the "vandalism epidemic."
  • The other is Thanksgiving, where Marty would set off the smoke alarm while trying to cook an inedible Thanksgiving Dinner.
  • Mr. Galvin taught Marty when he was Grade 6, and when Nate asked him if Marty was a good student, Mr. Galvin thought for a while. Later on, when he went home, Nate tells his dad "I have news for you, and it isn't very good." This may be a clue to him being a bad student. This also concludes that Mr. Galvin is 81 years old.


Donald Eustis

Martin Wright is a good friend to Donald Eustis. Sometimes, they play golf together. They also sat together while Nate had a fake fight with Teddy Ortiz that went awry.


Notes and References

  1. His son Nate was born in 1980, 11 years before 1991. Martin was born 46 years before 1991.

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