The Kuddle Kittens were a fleeceball team. They were captained by Nate Wright, and they won the fleeceball intramural season, and probably folded after the season. They were supposed to be called the Psycho Dogs, but Gina managed to name the team before Nate did. Their record was six to one.



  • The Kitten's main rivals were the Raptors, captained by Randy Betancourt.
  • Nate, Francis and Teddy weren't in their usual baseball positions; Francis usually plays catcher, but instead plays first, Teddy usually plays center field or left field but instead plays shortstop, and Nate usually plays right field, but instead plays pitcher. Chad, who is usually a benched player in baseball, plays catcher.
  • The full team and their positions appear in a drawing by Nate located on the inside of the cover of the UK version of Big Nate: Strikes Again.
  • Will, Sarah and Marcie appear on both the roster and Nate's drawing in the UK version, while Colin is only mentioned in the roster. The other characters appear regularly in the comics.

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