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Francis Butthurst Pope
Character Statistics
Gender: Male
Age: 12
Race: White
Mother: Mentioned
Father: Mentioned
Grandparent(s): Unknown Names, one 20 years older than the other
Nemesis: Randy Betancourt, Nolan and other Jefferson students
Friend(s): Nate, Teddy, Chad, Artur, Dee Dee, Sheila, Jenny
Production Info
First Appearance: 1991 comic
Last Appearance: N/A

Francis Butthurst Pope III (simply Francis) (born September 19, 2001) is Nate's #1 friend (despite his #1A friend, Teddy), although he is kind of a nerd, and the deuteragonist of Big Nate, according to Nate, placing him as his #1 friend. He was/is the electric guitarist for Nate's garage band, Enslave the Mollusk (EtM). Francis is very intelligent. Much to Nate's annoyance, he is often expressing the superiority of cats to dogs, him being a cat person and even owning a cat named Pickles (whom Spitsy has a crush on). Although Nate and Francis make fun of each other, making fun of each other is how they operate, as said in Big Nate Strikes Again, Francis is friendly to Mrs. Godfrey and to Artur, contrary to Nate's feelings. Francis also has a mother, to which he described, in Big Nate from the Top, was "quite slender."


 Big Nate in a Class By Himself

Nate and Francis became best friends in kindergarten at naptime. When Francis began snoring, Nate hit him on the head with his Thomas the Tank Engine lunchbox, and that's how they became friends.


Francis has been shown in Big Nate to be very friendly to other people and intelligent for school-related stuff. Francis can also sometimes be shown/called a nerd, mostly because he sometimes carries around a book of tons of facts.


  • Francis often expresses why cats are better than dogs.
  • Across Big Nate, including both the comics and books, he and Nate seen making fun of each other is common. But as stated in Big Nate Strikes Again, that is how they operate.
  • Francis was very chubby as a baby as a result to baby fat.
  • He is a member of the P.S. 38 cartooning club.
  • Francis' and Nate's houses are right next to each other.
  • He is obsessed with trivia.
  • Despite Nate unfavorable view of Mrs Godfrey, Francis is still kind to her.
  • Francis is the captain of the Trivia Slam team "Francis's Factoids".
  • Francis and Gina has almost the same smartness. In one comic, it is revealed his grade point average is 99.5 and Gina has 99.8
  • His name references Pope Francis.

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