Femme is a comic book character from a titular series that Nate Wright reads. Martin Earl Wright also likes to read the comic and has even taken the comic of Nate of the pretence that it is not in Nate's age level only to read in secret himself. Usually Nate will pick up the latest issue at Klassic Comix. One of her worst enemies is Doctor Jackal. Although we do not know exactly what happened to her, it is mentioned multiple times in the "Big Nate" series. and it can be assumed that she has been through a lot.

Behind the Scenes

Even though Marty said that Femme Fatality is way to violent, Nate and Marty are both shown to have a crush on Femme. Marty sometimes resorts to reading it in secret and begging Nate to let him read the comic.


  • She is six foot two, immortal, vindictive and is a vampire.