Derek Nack was seen in only five comic strips on GoComics, but never appeared in any of the books.  He met Nate through Chess Camp. He thinks that he can beat Nate in chess, but is never able to. He also thinks of Nate as his idol. He even once asked Nate for his autograph.


Derek is shorter than Nate, wears a geeky I love Chess T-Shirt.  He is quite chubby.

  • Appearences
Derek was seen in 4 comic strips on GoComics and was seen in the Big Nate book "All Work And no Play.  He was seen from January 2, 2001 - January 6, 2001.  

Derek's first appearance was in this comic strip from January 2,2001

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  • Derek loves chess. Chess, chess, chess. He loves it.