The Cupcakes are a Little League baseball team, sponsored by Cressley's Bakery and is coached by Coach Calhoun and Coach John.


The Cupcakes were originally sponsored by Joe's Chicken. Joe's Chicken changed the food they sold, resulting in the team name changing to Joe's Hot dogs, Joe's Falafel, Joe's Pizza, Joe's Frozen Yogurt, and others. Later, a beauty salon, Chez Linda sponsored the team for two seasons, and due to a typo in the second season, they were named "Cheez Linda".

The Bigelow Mat Company later sponsored them for a season. After they stopped sponsoring them, the team was left without a sponsor. The team decided to pick a name themselves, and they chose the name, "Vultures". Later, Cressley's Bakery sponsored them, and they were called the Cream Puffs. The name was eventually changed to the Cupcakes.

Known Players