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The Cream Puffs are a Little League baseball team. They are sponsored by Cressly's bakery and are coached by Coach Calhoun and Coach John.


The Cream Puffs were originality called Joe's Chicken. When Joe's Chicken changed the type of food they sold, the team also changed their name, and so they were also called Joe's Hot dogs and Joe's Falafel, and many other names. Later, beauty salon Chez Linda sponsored them for 2 seasons, and, due to a typo in the second season, they were called Cheez Linda. The Bigelow Doormat company later sponsored them for a season. After the doormats stopped sponsoring them, the team was left without a sponsor, and were named the Vultures by the team. Later, Cressly's Bakery sponsored them, and they were called the Cream Puffs

Known Players

  • Nate Wright
  • Francis Pope
  • Teddy Ortiz
  • Kim Cressly
  • Chad Applewhite

Former Players

  • Chester Burdwick (later signed by Al's Auto Glass)
  • Lila (signed by a travel team after being spotted by a scout on her debut)

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