Dee Dee Appearing in Comic Strips

  Hello everybody.  I am sure that all you Big Nate fans are familiar with the character Dee Dee Holloway.  Dee Dee was born on September 3rd, 2001, and is president of the Drama Club.  Her characteristics are mostly dramatic, artistic, and helpful (helps Nate find who stole P.S 38's camera, makes posters, etc.).  The main reason I am writing up this post though is to hear your opinion on Dee Dee.  Specifically that she only makes appearances in the Big Nate novels.  I have always wondered if Dee Dee would be coming to the comics, and I am excited to tell you that she is.  Dee Dee's personality will make the Big Nate comic strips even MORE entertaining and exciting.  My source for this information comes from Big Nate's page on GoComics.  You can first see her in the comic strip written on January 28th, 2016. Here is the link:    

  All the other information comes from Big Nate Wiki.  Here is the link to Dee Dee Holloway's profile on Big Nate Wiki:     

  Thanks for reading my short post.  I know I am late to find this out, but I am still very happy.  If you have the time, please leave a positive comment on your thoughts and ideas.  What is your opinion on Dee Dee appearing in the comic strips?  Are you excited?  Any feedback is greatly appreciated.  Have a great day, and I can't wait to hear from you!                                                    

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