These are the current staff of the Big Nate Wiki. If anyone other than the people on this list identify themselves as staff, it must be reported a staff member immediately. The founder of the Big Nate Wiki is Whoops6, who is currently inactive.

If you would like to contact an admin, the admin most likely to respond is Positive Elixir Trade.

If you would like to become a staff member yourself, the instructions are here.

Rollbacks are equipped with special powers that allow them to revert edits with pleasurable ease. When being promoted to Rollback, they are also equipped with at least ONE type of Moderator rights.

  • MemeMachine1.0 • Content Moderator • Discussions Moderator • (Dormant; may come back at any time)

Admins can oversee the growth on the wiki and change anything on the theme designer or the top navigation bar, but their user rights management is limited to Chat Moderators and Discussion Moderators. Admins are also Rollbacks.

Bureaucrats manage user rights. They are the ones who can promote and demote other users in the ranks below. Bureaucrats are also Administrators and Rollbacks.

Complete Staff History

You can see all of our former staff and ranks here: