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These are the staff of Big Nate Wiki. If anyone other than the people on this list identify themselves as staff, it must be reported a staff member immediately. The founder of Big Nate Wiki is Whoops6, who is inactive.

Executive Chairperson

The Executive Chairperson is essentially the wiki's founding father. The executive chairperson mainly does behind the scenes work, while the CEO and EIC do the publically noticed work.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

The CEO of the wiki is responsible for the operation of the wiki. The CEO ensures users are enjoying Big Nate Wiki and strive to make the wiki as best as possible.

Editor in Chief (EIC)

The editor-in-chief is responsible for the content of Big Nate Wiki.


The moderator is the person in-charge of general moderation of the wiki. This person can also block users from the wiki, if necessary.

None at this time.

Complete Staff History

You can see all of our former staff and ranks here:

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