These are the policies of the Big Nate Wiki/KidzWorld Wiki. Every user and contributor must follow them. Any violation of these policies and you will be blocked or lose user rights.

Wiki Rules and Guidelines

  • You must be at least 13 years or older to contribute to Big Nate Wiki/KidzWorld Wiki, as of COPPA regulations.
  • Please add the right categories to the right pages. Do not create a category without the permission of an admin.
  • Please use proper spelling and grammar.
  • Always upload good pictures, no inappropriate photos, no copy photos. Low quality pictures are allowed on articles as long as they are centered on the picture, have good lighting, contains certified Big Nate/KidzWorld content, and appropriate.
  • Please add as much information as possible.
  • Please add necessary and organnized sections onto pages.
  • Always use only one account.
  • If you are moving from one account to the other, please notify an admin.
  • Do not spam (spamspamspam or h27tr4p3xr8 are spam), and it is a form of vandalism.
  • Do not use cuss words. (Unless appearing in the Comic)
  • Always make a username that is family-friendly. If you already have a family-friendly username, do not change it to something inappropriate.
  • Do not remove warnings off your talk page or message wall.
  • Do not edit another user's page.
  • Do not plagerize on articles.
  • Do not start an activity without the permission of an admin.
  • Do not reverse a rollback.
  • Do not add red links.
  • Do not mention alcohol, tobacco, drugs, etc.
  • Do not advertise your wiki.
  • Do not move/rename pages without admin permission.
  • Racism is not tolerated.
  • Do not ask for personal information.
  • Only admins can add or remove templates.
  • Do not imitate a Big Nate Wiki/KidzWorld Wiki Staff Member's job.

Serious Penalties

These rules have no exceptions. One violation will result in an immediate block, no warnings given.

  • Do not vandalize Official Pages (What's New?, Affiliate Requests, Report a User or Page)
  • Porn is never acceptable.
  • Do not troll on pages or remove all content .
  • Do not curse toward any admins or users.

Wiki Penalties for Violation

If you break any of these rules, you will be warned two times. If you break any of these rules a third time, you will be blocked. An admin will notify you if you broke any of these polcies and either warn or explain the reason why you were blocked. The length of the block will depend on how severe the violation is and if you have been blocked before. The shortest block time is one day. The longest block time is infinite. After a block, your amount of given warnings reset. If you are an admin, rollback, or chat moderator who violated any of the rules, you will be demoted by a bureaucrat but not blocked.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact the admins.

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