Big Nate Goes for Broke-Cover
Big Nate Goes for Broke is the fourth Big Nate book of the novel series. The book was released on March 20, 2012. 


Jefferson Middle School has always (with the exception of a debate) beat P.S. 38 at almost everything. Nate decides it is time for P.S. 38 to surpass them for once, but this will not be easy when a sprinkler malfunction has messed up P.S. 38 and caused the students to have to stay at Jefferson until the problem is resolved.


  • Nate Wright
  • Francis Pope
  • Teddy Ortiz
  • Gina Hemphill Toms
  • Jenny Jenkins
  • Artur Pashov
  • Nolan
  • Nolan's friends
  • Emma
  • Dawn Michelle
  • Dee Dee Holloway
  • Marty Wright
  • Ellen Wright
  • Principal Nichols
  • Principal Williger
  • Clara Godfrey



  • On Page 1, Nate and Chad appear too tall, appearing to be the same size as the lockers.
  • On Page 118, Dee Dee does not have long earrings unlike in most of her appearances.
  • On page 208, Nate has his cast off. However, he should have it on, since starting on page 138 and foward, Nate's cast is on.