Add More Babes

Big Nate: Add More Babes is the first "Big Nate" book ever released. It was released on January 7, 1992. It contains some of the oldest Big Nate strips that cannot be accessed on GoComics's archive. Thus, it is a collector's item. Many characters look way different, and the next book is has comics 5 years later, so they had different looks.



  • Francis falls in love with Ellen (and ruins Nate's sleepover by doing so.)
  • It shows new comics that Nate drew like, Kit and Kaboodle (about two superheroes), Everlovin Ellen (a soap opera), and The Adventures of Nate, Super 6th Grader.
  • Nate makes a comic about himself called Nate is Great. Nate gets detention (as he always does) because Francis doesn't let him copy homework.