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Student, Timber Scout, P.S. 38 Cartooning Club Member, Breakfast Book Club Member


Almost everything.


Being insulted

Artur Pashkov is an exchange student from the Republic of Belarus and one of Nate's rivals. He is a member of Enslave the Mollusk, the Timber Scouts, and the Doodlers. Artur is said to be very intelligent. Nate is annoyed with the fact that Jenny likes Artur and Artur's ability to defeat Nate at chess, taking away his title of number one player on the chess team. Artur is very nice to Nate and regards him as his best friend, and is generally unaware that Nate really hates him. Artur cannot speak English very well, which Nate believes is why girls like him.

Artur joined Enslave the Mollusk (despite Nate's protests) and went on to become a Timber Scout and lose to Nate for the first time during a fundraiser. Eventually, Artur became aware of Nate's hatred towards him and left Enslave the Mollusk. However, he and Nate finally made up, which resulted in the two becoming official friends and Artur rejoining the band.


Early Life

Artur lived in an unknown town in the Republic of Belarus (Byelorussia in Russian), where he appeared on television, before enrolling in P.S. 38. He became Jenny's boyfriend later on. He also joined "Enslave the Mollusk" after Francis and Teddy were impressed by his performance of "I Fought The Law."

Middle School

At one point, Nate explained how everything was better before Artur came to the school.

At some point, Artur acquired a pet dog. During a sorting assignment from Mrs. Godfrey regarding Benjamin Franklin, Artur was paired up with his girlfriend, Jenny, for the project. Artur is on the Killer Bees fleeceball team. They defeated Nate's team because Gina committed too many errors, and when the Kuddle Kittens finally caught up to them, she made her plaything disrupt Nate's final swing.

Timber Scout

An incident while painting caused Mr. Rosa to give Nate detention, making him late for the Timber Scouts meeting. While catching up on what he missed, Nate learned Artur also joined the Timber Scouts, much to Nate's dismay and annoyance. Artur and Nate were both hoping to sell the most wall hangings to win a skateboard. In the first day, Artur had already sold twenty wall hangings. He is later seen selling for the fundraiser during P.S. 38's school play of Peter Pan. Artur, Gina, Francis, and a few unmentioned others go to a math camp, so Nate expected a great opportunity to sell, until he found out Artur was way ahead of him. Nate then tried to get him and Gina together so Artur would dump Jenny, letting Nate can swoop in and become her boyfriend. Artur took this the wrong way and spread a rumor that Nate likes Gina, much to Nate's horror. In the end, Artur and Nate managed to tie for the skateboard, so it was decided by a coin toss. Nate won - one of his rare victories against Artur - but Artur was happy with the telescope, which was the second place prize. He beckoned his friends to follow him home, where he set up the telescope while Nate followed on his new skateboard.

Artur later joined the P.S. 38 Cartooning Club as a member.

Artur formed a team in the Trivia Slam called "Artur's Antelopes." They are eliminated from the contest, however, because they can't answer the question, "What is the only vegetable that is also a flower?" The correct answer was broccoli, but it is unknown what Artur said.

Personality and Traits

Artur (Bad Quality)

Artur's main expression.

"It's hard to get detention when you're perfect in every way."
―Nate Wright[src]

Artur is mainly innocent, gentle, kind, sweet, and unassuming. Artur is a good student, who, is every nice to everyone around him. Artur often has luck fall his way for almost everything, but he remains modest and does not get mad if he loses, unlike most characters in the series.

He is clueless to what Nate and his friends usually do, such as not being able to tell the difference between horseplay and fighting.


Artur is very good at painting and drawing, and he has gotten the "Spotlight On" three weeks in a row. He is said to be very lucky, much to the annoyance of Nate, who calls him "Mr. Lucky".

Behind the Scenes

  • Artur is the third least likely person to get detention, according to Nate.
  • Artur also created a Garfield parody called "Fishbreath", annoying Nate because it took away his comic from the spotlight.

Some people falsely think that Artur is from Turkey. Artur and his father (a college professor) went to Turkey to do research, but it is not their native country.

  • Artur tried out for Enslave the Mollusk, and eventually joined, but Nate was replaced by Artur, so Nate became the drummer, and Artur the vocalist.
  • Nate actually tried to get Artur to start thinking badly of others, resulting in him beginning to think bad thoughts about Nate. (In Big Nate Makes The Grade)
  •  Despite his huge popularity, the most popular boy in schools has called him a loser.
  • He is a Scorpio, just like Nate.
  • Nate appears to like him enough to let him join his band.
  • His first appearance was the 7th of May 2001.
  • Artur is the boys' age group chess champion of Belarus.


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