Affiliate Requests is the process in which Big Nate Wiki Administrators will decide if a wiki should become an affiliate with Big Nate Wiki. As affiliates, Big Nate Wiki will promote the affiliating wiki(s) onto the main page and the affiliates should do the same (If you have a dedicated Affiliates List, please inform a Big Nate Wiki Admin. Thus, rising chances of more users on both wikis.

Rules & Requirements

  • The wiki must contain 100 or more articles.
  • The wiki must have at least 1 active bureaucrat.
  • The requester must put this format: "Heading 3" with name of wiki, a link to the wiki, a paragraph why the wiki would like to be affiliated, the wiki's logo, and the requester's signature.
  • The requester also must be an admin of that wiki.
  • Avoiding this format will cause the request to be ignored and deleted.
  • Only admins of this wiki are allowed review the request.
  • Admins reviewing have the option not to reply, reply, or, make your wiki into affiliate.
  • If you do not receive a response, please do not request for 1 week. If you request more than 1 time a week, you will be blocked.
  • Any vandalism on this page will result in an immediate permanent block.
  • If the requesting wiki does not promote Big Nate Wiki onto their main page one week after the request approval, Big Nate Wiki will cease to continue affiliation with the requesting wiki.
  • Please do not request on an admin's talk page/message wall.
  • Only (Admin) WestonLulz can accept/decline Affiliate Requests.

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