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Character Catagories

Should we add a category for 1 time characters? We could include characters like Whitney or mrs Everett

What do you think?
  • Yes we should
  • No we shouldn’t
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Character Categories have been shifted!

For each character rarity, we have focused our attentiveness on reconstructing our categories. Here are the changes.

Main characters -> Main characters
Major characters -> Major characters
New category: Frequent characters
Minor characters -> Occasional characters
One time characters -> Minor characters

We are currently working on shifting the wiki to satisfy our new style, and we would appreciate it if we can get more help!
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I just have to ask, what do u guys know about me?

Just wondering etc like male or female, where I live and I wanna know how much I have revealed about myself
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New Feature: Announcements!

The BNW is happy to announce that there will be a feature called announcements! This will be used in affiliation of forum highlights for announcements. Now, no one will not know what is happening around here as you do not need to be on this particular wiki to receive announcements from it!

For more details, please visit this link.
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My desktop has been upgraded to a Windows 10!

Which doesn't really make a difference...
When do you plan on getting a Windows 10?
  • Within this week
  • Within two weeks
  • Within this month
  • Within one to three months
  • Within three to six months
  • Within six months to a year
  • I am not getting one at all
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Resume of comics

When do you guys think will Peirce start up the comics again?
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Who is your favorite active user? (They don't have user rights!)

  • TheAmazingCrafter 43%
  • HereComesTheTurtles 29%
  • FudgyGuy 29%
2 8 14

Who is your favorite admin?

  • ElectricSupernova
  • Positive Elixir Trade
  • Hasan987
3 5 16
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Me and HereComeTheTurtles

Me and HereComeTheTurtles are going to be partners.
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I’m saying hi
Who is your favorite character
  • Nate
  • Jenny
  • Francis
  • Teddy
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Discussions Guidelines
What do you guys think about the rules I made for the Discussions?
  • Really Good 25%
  • Pretty Good 25%
  • Good 0%
  • Average 25%
  • Okay 0%
  • Fine 25%
  • Bad 0%
  • Really Bad 0%
  • Horrible 0%
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Game: Count to 1000! (discussion)

Discussing the game "Game: Count to 1000!"
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Hey guys!

What do you all think about this new extension?
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